How To Hang Flags And Banners

The infantry was painted by William Stallings and he hand painted the flags and then reduced them on a color copy machine. If you want a ride that will take you to another dimension, then you need to go on this one! After the mixture dries overnight, I will then finish them off with a wash of brown ink — let that dry, then dry brush some tan over the base and then add the static grass to finish off the bases. This later color is no longer made, but you could add a drop of white to the Night Sky to get a highlight. 18013 «Night Sky» as the base shade color for the Bavarian coats. The Bavarian commission has been a fun project to work on, because I can actually paint Austrian figures, but cover them in a more interesting light blue color, rather than boring Austrian white. Therefore, more extensive research could be necessary to confirm and generalize the findings of this study to other work sites. The Suren figures that I am using have more metal to work with, so it is easier to use the completed flag set that Rick provides. I still have the Scruby Prussian fusilier regiment of 60 figures for sale and I am dropping the price to $3.00 per figure, or $180 for the lot.

This offer stands as long as I still have plenty of unpainted RSM figures to paint. At present, Luningning at 75 years old, together with son Gregory is still very active with the flag business. It is very similar to the flag of Liechtenstein, a problem that was noticed at an early Olympics, but Liechtenstein decided to change their flag to avoid further confusion (they didn’t make a big change, just added a crown to the upper-left corner). I haven’t added the flags for the second battalion yet, so I will not base the command stand until the new flags arrive. This is really a nicely painted unit and would be perfect for large big battalion games, or you could divide the figures into two 30-figure battalions. The new basing really brings the figures to life and the two new flags adds a spiffy touch to the unit. I sold my Front Rank Bosniak light cavalry last week, and the buyer wanted to increase the 20 figure unit up to 24 figures, so that he could have two 12-horse squadrons for use in our BAR games. The unit had been sitting on my painting table for a couple of weeks as I delved into creating vignettes.

I prefer red or straw when it comes to painting Prussians. This is really great, because for some figures, such as this particular RSM officer, the hand is too tiny to be able to glue a pole on after priming and painting. For the 3rd, I already had the flag pole glued into the hand of the RSM cavalry officer so I needed a sunflower garden flag with out the pole. Finally, I had some nice Litko bases, sized at 2-inch square, on hand and I used these for my customer’s new basing. I will update the basing on any figures purchased and reflag the units with GMB Design flags, if that suits your fancy. To my horror, I discovered that I did not have a set of GMB Flags for IR13 — second battalion, which would have two black flags. I also have 7 bags of 36 figures of Austrian musketeers in «march attack» pose that I am willing to paint, flag and base for anyone interested in brand new units.

These figures were a blast to paint, and since they are largely black, not too difficult to paint. So luckily, I had some RSM Austrians already primed and ready to paint, so I was able to paint up the extra figures very quickly. The client requested that I paint the Leib Regiment with its distinctive black facings and also the Herzog Clemens Regiment with red facings. There is something about those all white facings that just didn’t appeal to me. We examine the impact of 13 suspicious phrases identified by a Barron’s article in a large sample of 10-Ks. There is evidence that phrases like unbilled receivables signal a firm may subsequently be accused of fraud. RSM figures paint up fast and easy, which is one of the reasons I like them. IR9 Puttkamer Regiment — one of Frederick’s better regiments. The yellow and red colours comes from the regimental flags of Connecticut Regiments of the Continental Army. The King’s Colour was the Union Flag, The centre of the red cross was defaced with two hollow gold circles.