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This unique temperature/ viscosity relationship is important when figuring out the performance parameters such as the adhesion, rheology, durability and application temperatures of bitumen. Penetration grade bitumen provided Bitumen RC30 supplier by dukanoil is pure petroleum grade bitumen, manufactured from vacuum bottom by passing hot air. The bitumen supplied by dukanoil is produced from stay of crude oil after cracking and removing hydrocarbon.

The following table it can be noticed that the port company Sinarad merely the availability sector of bitumen within the ports the service very a lot. In the laboratory, its degree of penetration is measured to determine its hardness. In this methodology, a needle with a load of 100 g is inserted in 5 seconds at a temperature of 25 °C and the penetration rate is measured in tenths of a millimeter. The most easiest and efficient way is to find out the HTPG as well since there is not any correlation between penetration grade and PG grade.

The American Association of State Highway Official has categorized viscosity grade bitumen into two classes as follow. First one is AC, which stands for Asphalt Cement, and the second one is AR, which is the abbreviated type of Aged Residue. The distinction between AR and AC grade is within the meaning of the numbers following them in written form.

Penetration grade bitumen 40/50 has penetration between 40~50 desi-millimeter and softening point between fifty two ~ 60C. The penetration grade bitumen 40/50 has a thermoplastic property which is like as artificial resin material Bitumen MC70 price which gets softer with heating and hardens when cooled. This grade of bitumen 40/50 has very strong viscosity compare to different grades.

Actually we don’t have any pen 40/50 bitumen so that we could run DSR and determine its PG. Thats why I thought we might guess its PG based mostly on the penetration value and run the MSCR. However, It is evident from the above dialogue that will probably be very tough to find out PG from the pen worth. Therefore, as Prof. Tabatabee and Dr. White advised, we higher run the MSCR at each 70 and 76C . Contain residual materials at affected websites to prevent materials from entering sewers; ditches and waterways.

In this type, during use, first it is crushed, gentle and heated and spread on the road floor, and the quantity of bitumen in this kind of rock varies by 7 to 80%. Lorestan’s rock bitumen in Iran incorporates between 70 and 80 percent bitumen which is understood within the United States as Gilsonite. Today, in addition to road building, rock bitumen can also be utilized in various different makes use of.


  • The penetration grade bitumen 40/60 has a thermoplastic property which is like artificial resin material which will get softer with heating and hardens when cooled.

Bitumen 40/50 is appropriate for road building and for the asphalt pavements with superior properties. This type of bitumen used in the manufacture of hot mix asphalt for bases and sporting courses and the principle utilization of this product is used within the road in tropical areas. the bitumen is provided in the course of the presses of oxidation of vacuum bottom in bitumen manufacturing models.

The bitumen equipped by RAHA Oil is produced from remain of crude oil after cracking and removing hydrocarbon. Penetration grade bitumen 40/50 has penetration between 40~50 desi-millimeter and the softening point between fifty two ~ 60C.

Chemically speaking, viscosity is applied as a consistency measurement. Good to know that the measurement unit of viscosity grading system is Poise. The viscosity grading could be accomplished on both original (as-provided) asphalt binder which known as AC grading and aged residue binder which known as AR grading.

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There are 8 suppliers who sells bitumen price on, mainly positioned in Asia. The high nations of supplier is China, from which the proportion of bitumen price supply is 100% respectively. Rock bitumen generally consists of two groups of limestone and sandstone, during which crude oil penetrates in it and over time, risky substances evaporate and the remainder is fashioned naturally.

Penetration Grade Bitumen equipped by RAHA GROUP is petroleum grade bitumen, manufactured from fractional / vacuum distillation of crude oil. The Bitumen equipped by RAHA GROUP is produced from vacuum residue feedstock. Penetration Grade bitumens are specified by the penetration and softening point test bitumen 40/50. The penetration grade bitumens have a thermoplastic property which causes the material to melt at excessive temperatures and to harden at decrease temperatures.